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Residents of Frontenac Missouri

Frontenac, Missouri has a rich history and vibrant culture that make it a true gem. However, what is perhaps most notable about the city of Frontenac is it’s residents. 

Residents of Frontenac live a discerning lifestyle and enjoy the balance of entertainment and natural beauty their town offers.

With balance being so important to the residents of Frontenac, it’s no wonder many of them rely on the science of chiropractic to stay healthy.

Healing Modalities

There are three modalities Aequa Health and Wellness offers as part of their holistic patient care: chiropractic care, acupuncture, and customized nutrition with supplementation plans.

Chiropractic Care Frontenac Missouri

Chiropractic Care

The science of chiropractic care is all about alignment and balance.

Skilled chiropractors use movement and force to realign joints and promote a healthy energy balance within the body.

When our bodies are out of alignment, it blocks the flow of energy or qi. It’s believed qi flows through our body and channels, and when its flow is blocked the door is open for a host of potential health issues.


Dr. Fazio is trained in the traditional Chinese five-element form of acupuncture.

Just like chiropractic, acupuncture strives to achieve a balance of energy.

Acupuncture needles are inserted into specific pressure points. When the needles are inserted into the soft tissue, blockages are released, and the body’s electromagnetic energy is once again able to flow unimpeded.

Customized Nutrition with Supplementation Plans

A customized nutrition with supplementation plans isn’t about a diet, it is about creating a healthy lifestyle by figuring out your unique needs.

Each of us has a unique body and lifestyle.

This is why many of those one-size-fits-all nutrition plans/diets can set you up for failure from the start.

Once again, we’re going to talk about balance. Dr. Fazio knows it’s important for his patients to lead balanced lives.

Today’s world can make it very difficult to get proper nutrition while keeping our lives in balance.

This is why he creates customized supplement regimens for his patients.

Dr. Fazio has also found his friends and neighbors in Frontenac are more likely to stick with nutrition and supplement plans when they know each plan has been completely customized to their unique needs and lifestyle.

Dr.Fazio is proud to help the residents of Frontenac live healthy lives while achieving the balance they have come to treasure.