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Customized Nutrition & Supplementation Plans

How far can your car go with no gas and no maintenance? Our bodies are the same way. Having a customized nutrition and supplement plan is essentially giving your body the best care and fuel possible.

Customized nutrition isn’t about figuring out what to eat so you can lose weight, be more active, or eat healthy despite a busy lifestyle. It’s about taking a deep dive into what makes you who you are, and creating a one-of-a-kind nutrition plan for your genes, your health needs, your goals, and your life.

With a nutrition plan designed just for you you’ll be more motivated, healthier, and have a much better chance of sticking with your new eating habits for the long haul.

Even the most diligent dieters struggled to get complete daily nutrition from food alone. This is where a customized supplement plan shines.

A completely custom blend of nutrients will give your body the exact fuel you need to be as healthy as you can.

You’ll be more active, vital, and enjoy a better quality of life

Dr. Fazio takes an in-depth look at a patient’s diet and addresses areas of imbalance. He works with a patient empowering him or her to make dietary modifications and create supplement plans to restore balance and replenish essential nutrients within the body. In some cases, a hair analysis is used to create a supplementation plan that provides the body with the exact nutrients it is lacking.

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