Is Getting a Wellness Coach Worth It?

getting a wellness coach

A healthy lifestyle includes basic rules or recommendations that most people know, such as eating a balanced diet and maintaining daily obligations along with self-care. However, life can become overwhelming for some people, leading to an unhealthy or unsatisfying lifestyle.

Learning how to deal with the stress of a busy or unfulfilling life sometimes requires the help of health and wellness coaches. These experienced professionals will help struggling people improve their health on their journeys to positive behavioral changes and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re thinking of working with a wellness coach in St. Louis, here is some valuable information to consider.

What Does a Wellness Coach Do?

A wellness coach is someone who helps people evaluate their current emotional and physical state. They will work with people to help them set and achieve their health and wellness goals through sustainable strategies. They are supportive guides who work with clients on their path to improving their health, stress management, and more by holding them accountable for their behaviors.

Life coaches stress the importance of positivity and how it affects one’s health and well-being. They have the tools, training, and expertise necessary to keep clients motivated and empowered and experience the long-term benefits of positive behavioral patterns.

A wellness coach will use a client’s strengths and values to create a long-term wellness plan to help the individual have a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy life.

To become a coach, a person participates in a coach training program to develop positive interpersonal social skills, practical communication skills, client accountability, and empowerment strategies. After attending coaching classes, the wellness coach receives national certification to prove their training, education, and expertise.

How Can They Help?

Wellness coaches have different areas of expertise. Coaches include licensed healthcare professionals, like counselors, health educators, dietitians, and physical therapists. They can help people set and achieve goals for:

  • Losing weight
  • Improving mental and emotional health
  • Practicing self-care
  • Exercising
  • Balancing work and home life
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing energy

A wellness coach helps their clients stay on track to meet their goals toward a happier, healthier lifestyle. The objectives will start small, but the wellness professional will provide exceptional support through every step of the journey.

how wellness coaches can help

What Should You Expect When Working With a Wellness Coach?

Working with a wellness coach is a process that takes anywhere from two to six months to complete. It takes about two months to learn new habits or behaviors, so coaches typically work with clients for several months to help them develop and maintain many new routines.

The overall experience is one of positivity. The coach will be pleasant and motivating. They will spend a lot of time listening to you talk about your life and past experiences to get a better idea of your goals and how they can help you achieve them.

You and the coach will converse about your desires for self-improvement. After the initial introductory conversations, they will create a plan of action to help you meet your objectives while they are by your side.

How Do You Find the Best Wellness Coach in St. Louis?

Wellness or life coaches in St. Louis are available in many industries. You can locate an independent coach who offers coaching classes in their private practice or a coach who works with a specific group on behalf of an employer or organization. Other places to find life coaches are:

  • Schools
  • Fitness centers
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Spas

Finding the right coach for your needs can be tricky because there are so many options available. When selecting, it’s essential to consider your desired outcomes and find a certified coach specializing in that area.

You can inquire about the coach training program they completed, how long it took to complete, and any practical coaching experience. Asking a national board-certified wellness coach questions will help you find the best support for your journey to self-improvement.

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