What Are the Benefits of Getting Regular Chiropractic Care?

What Are the Benefits of Getting Regular Chiropractic Care?, chiropractic care, chiropractic care benefits

Over 70 million American adults suffer from some sort of chronic pain, with low back pain being the second most common reason that Americans see their doctor. Many of these individuals seek alternative methods of pain relief to help them manage their daily pain levels. Chiropractic care services might be an option for you and this article might help you discover if St. Louis chiropractic care is right for your situation.

What Are Chiropractic Care Services?

Chiropractic care is a form of medical technique that is based on the concept that your body can heal itself when exposed to specific hands-on manipulations. The manipulations help realign your joints and often lead to pain relief.

Trained professionals can help people suffering from pain related to their bones, cartilage, connective tissue, joints, and muscles. While most people associate chiropractic care with the back, some chiropractic specialists deal with other parts of the body to help with specific issues.

Chiropractic care services can be compared to physical therapy in the type of treatment offered. However, physical therapy focuses on exercises and stretches to treat the body, whereas chiropractic treatment is more of a hands-on approach.

Are Chiropractors Safe?

Chiropractors are required to have certification and training in order to practice in any state. They take a four-year program to earn a postgraduate degree known as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). Prior to entering the program, they must first complete 90 semester hours of undergraduate work and some programs even require a bachelor’s degree first.

In addition, in all states, chiropractors must also be licensed. While the requirements vary from state to state, the one thing that is the same is that chiropractors must pass the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners exams. In some cases, chiropractors go on to specialize in a particular area of treatment and must do a residency for several years

What Are the Benefits of Getting Regular Chiropractic Care?, chiropractic care, chiropractic care benefits

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are many benefits of chiropractic care that can help you feel better, including the following:

  1. Improves neck pain
    Neck pain is a common problem resulting from looking down at your phone, bad posture, or staring at your computer all day at work. A chiropractor can manipulate your spine to help ease the tension in your neck muscles, reducing pressure and pain.
  2. Relieves back pain
    Back pain can feel debilitating at times. Chiropractic care services can provide a less invasive treatment than surgery or injections for short-term or chronic back pain. Many people prefer to seek out non-medication treatments for pain, including spinal manipulation through chiropractic care, acupuncture, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, exercise, tai chi, and meditation.
  3. Reduces opioid use
    Chronic pain is often treated with opioid pain relievers, which can be addictive and have negative side effects. However, regular chiropractic care may lower the need to use pain relievers, as it can alleviate painful symptoms.
  4. Eases headaches
    Chronic headache sufferers will seek out treatments beyond the doors of their family doctor in the hopes of easing the pain. They can often find that relief at their chiropractor’s office. Spinal manipulation may effectively treat tension headaches and those that originate in the neck.
  5. Possible reduction of osteoarthritis symptoms
    Osteoarthritis involves the deterioration of the cartilage between joints, causing the bones to rub together during movement. This can cause serious pain for sufferers. However, some type of chiropractic adjustments can reduce the amount of bone-on-bone rubbing, reducing the amount or level of pain felt.
  6. Decreases scoliosis symptoms
    There is evidence that proper chiropractic care may improve the amount of side-to-side deformity in the spine of scoliosis sufferers. Spinal manipulation may help align the spine and reduce scoliosis symptoms.
  7. Helps improve posture
    Poor posture can be a result of slouching and too much sitting. Many of us sit at desks all day at our jobs. Receiving chiropractic care services can help correct poor posture through the regular manipulation of your spine.

How to Find St. Louis Chiropractic Care

The American Chiropractic Association reports that there are over 70,000 chiropractors in the United States. When looking for a qualified chiropractor in the St. Louis area, follow these tips:

  • Ask your doctor, physical therapist, or other medical professional for their recommendation
  • Ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and coworkers
  • Make sure that the chiropractor you choose is licensed by the Missouri chiropractic board
  • Look for reviews online or check with the Better Business Bureau

You may also wish to schedule a consultation with a chiropractor to see if they’re a good fit for you and your situation prior to having your first treatment. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and help determine the best treatment plan for your pain or other issues. Call today to set up an appointment with Aequa Health and Wellness to see the benefits of chiropractic care for yourself.



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